MG Food Solutions uses Molecular Gastronomy to solve food industry problems with innovations that bring back the joy of food. Our customers range from individual dietitians through to large organisations, all with one thing in common they need to solve a problem that requires a different approach to food.

This is how we help our clients:

1. New Product Development

We have a people-centric approach to New Product Development (NPD) that is built on a foundation of using the principles of molecular gastronomy to deliver a different and innovative new product.

We develop new products for food companies to launch into their own portfolios as new innovative products. We also take on food-related problems within other industries creating proprietary products for that industry.

One recent example was the identification of the lack of food first solutions to malnutrition and dysphagia by the aged care industry. MG Food Solutions took on that challenge for the aged care industry to develop the Food Imperative range of products that now operates as a separate division of MG Food Solutions with its own identity.

To find out more about our Food Imperative products:

2. Food & Culinary Research

3. Nutrition Problem Solving

4. General Food Consultancy

5. Nutrition Forums

MG food solutions conduct regular nutrition forums. Topics range from food industry-specific problems through to other societal problems that can be solved through a new approach to food.

Forums are currently being held on a quarterly basis and so as to keep people safe in a COVID aware world, we are holding our forums virtually.

6. Dietitian Mentoring

To find out more about how we can help you, contact us and tell us where you need a different approach!

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